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“Contemporary Parenting Dynamics Project” Series ©

CPDP Series of Five Age-Specific Offerings as Seminars and Workshops

CPDP #1-Conception to Toddler Twos ©

CPDP #2-Toddler Twos to Wide-Eyed Sixes ©

CPDP #3-Wide-Eyed Sixes to Pre-Teen Twelves ©

CPDP #4-Those Crazy Teen Years-Thirteen to Sixteen ©

CPDP #5-Mid-Teens Through Early Adulthood (and Beyond) ©

It Was NEVER About Intelligence

Tough Conversations-Tough Topics-Tough Choices

Plus Many More…

My Life My Voice BCT Mediation Plus

Available Motivational
Presentations and Keynotes:

“My Life-My Voice-My Passion-My Choice” Series ©

Five Inspirational Keynotes with Available Seminars and Workshops (Faith-based or Secular)

My Choice Series-Foundational Presentation “My______” © Keynote 

My Choice Series-Middle School “Self-Awareness” © Keynote

My Choice Series-Secondary School “My Life-My Voice-Yes-Mine!” © Keynote 

My Choice Series-Teen to Emerging Adult “It Has to Be ME!” © Keynote

My Choice Series-Teens and Parents “The Cyclical Nature of Choice” © Keynote

“Choice Dynamics-Seven Deadly Sins of Not Being Yourself for Yourself” © Power Keynote

“It Was Never About Intelligence” © Inspirational Parenting Choice Dynamics Keynote

“Assimilation-Acculturation-Amalgamation” © Cross-Cultural Inclusion Keynote and Workshop

“You Bring the Conflict with You” © Conflict and Bullying Reduction Keynote

“Tough Conversations-Tough Topics” © Keynote and Discussion Panel

“Why Competition Matters (or Doesn’t!)” © Optimal Focus on the Sports Life Keynote

“The Barrier in Your Mind” © Inspirational and Foundational Student Choice Dynamics Keynote

“Partnerships Have a Time Stamp” © Business Development Keynote

“Accommodation-Service Industry Differentiator” © Business Development Keynote

Buddy can customize any topic related to parenting, life choice, cultural awareness, or business development by agreement. Buddy does breakout sessions at conferences on a variety of topics. Pricing is by agreement. Factors are the amount of time required for the presentation, travel, accommodations, audience size, materials requested, and non-profit or academic settings. Buddy does an intake to explore needs and options to enhance open access to all participants. Buddy welcomes any special requests. Contact Buddy at (480) 861-1371 (Call or Text)

Family coaching and mediation focused on preserving positive family environments.

“Life is messy. How one works through ‘messy’ creates opportunities, positive outcomes, and defines the self.”

Mediation Consultation

  • Family Conflict
  • Elder care Conflict
  • Inter/intra-business Conflict
  • Partnership Conflict*
BCT Meditations Buddy Mediation Consultation

Coaching Consultation

  • Executive Coaching
  • Systemization Coaching
  • Employee Peer Mediation Coaching
  • Personal Coaching*


Services are priced based on multivariate factors. Normal rates for either Mediation or Coaching is  $125/hour per person. All rates are negotiable, based on non-profit or special needs situations. Please inquire at free consultation. Group sessions are priced at a lower rate per person with a minimum half-day charge.

All Mediation services must be paid at time of service. Coaching services, and in some cases, mediation services, will be agreed upon during consultation.

BCT Meditations Buddy Coaching Consultation

Training Program Presentation

  • Family Development Seminar/Workshop
  • Conflict Management Seminar/Workshop
  • Your Idea-Our Collaboration-My Presentation Seminar/Workshop


*Buddy’s Specialty-includes extensive coaching and guidance

BCT Meditations Buddy Speaking

“Life is messy. How one works through ‘messy’ creates opportunities, positive outcomes, and defines the self.”


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