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Buddy opened BCT+ October 2012 with a goal of delivering excellent B2B and family mediation.  Most people see mediation as a divorce facilitation business; however, BCT+ refers out all divorce mediation to peers from the Maricopa County Association of Family Mediators (MCAFM). Buddy Thornton, the owner and senior mediator of BCT+, chose to focus on conflict management via multiple training paradigms, beginning with a specialty in parent coaching and family conflict intervention. The current competencies include individualized family and parent coaching and live on-stage presentations, seminars, and workshops with audiences and participants from a few to a few thousand. BCT+ identifies client needs during intake for contracting of coaching, training, and all events. With 8+ years of optimized development and implementation, BCT+ has refined their competency and ability to evolve with  ontemporary needs, especially in the family-oriented side of the business. Buddy focuses on creating an environment where success is achievable regardless of identified issues. Yes, Buddy will certainly mediate when asked to do so.

BCT Mediations Plus Buddy Thornton

Dr. Buddy C. Thornton (ABD)

Buddy’s Bio:

Buddy has been married 46+ years to his spouse, Sharon, who assists Buddy in most venue events. They have four children, ten grandchildren, and eight great-grandchildren. Buddy is a Vietnam-era veteran who served as a Hospital Corpsman in the US Navy (1972-1976). He earned his BS in Allied Health Sciences from UW-Milwaukee (1984), certifications in Mediation and Paralegal Studies from Lakewood College (2012), certification in Life Coaching from UDEMY (2014-recertification-2019), and his MA in Human Services Counseling and Executive Leadership from Liberty University (2014). Buddy is currently a DBA Doctoral Candidate at Grand Canyon University (2015 to present-all coursework completed, currently ABD). Buddy added certified trainer for the Center for Teaching Effectiveness in November-2018. He is a member of the Maricopa County Association of Family Mediators (2012-present) (mcafm.org), a past Ethics Co-chair for MCAFM (2013-2014), and a past President of the Doctoral Learners Cohort at GCU (2017-2018). Buddy is also COO of the Brokenness to Healing Foundation, a non-profit working with disadvantaged youth through after-school mentoring programs, and serves as an advisory board member for multiple domestic companies.

Buddy has published globally in multiple forums (Lawful Talks, Huff Post, LinkedIn). He is currently doing final edit on Book #1 in his Observations from the Slippery Slope series of books, with Book #1, “Contemporary Society Through the Lens of Applied Ethics” focusing on ethics theory and application across various settings. (Book #2, Contemporary Society Through the Lens of Subjective Morals, and Book #3, Choice Dynamics and Contemporary Parenting will be available for pre-sell shortly after the premiere of Book #1).

Buddy has been invited to be a Keynote Speaker (Conflict Management, Parenting Dynamics, Cross-Cultural Topics), with one noteworthy global invitation to Da Nang Vietnam in November 2017, and invited to speak on cultural topics at the IIRP World Conference in Bethlehem, PA-October 2019.

Buddy’s passion is in teaching ethics and morals aligned with his Life and Parent Coaching (2012-present). He has developed an impactful series of five parenting seminars and workshops and is currently working to have an online offering for the series. The series is complementary to his “My Life, My Voice, My Passion, My Choice©” motivational series for teens, parents, and caregivers. Buddy developed flexible components of this inspirational series for presentation in schools, private settings, religious settings, and by invitation. See more on the current offerings tab.

Positive social change agency is an essential portion of Buddy’s approach to servant-leadership. All products, current or future, must fulfill some identified social need. Buddy believes the shortest distance between contemporary social shortfalls and optimal social paradigms is through the family (no matter how one defines family) and ancillary caregivers. Buddy invites any party who shares this worldview to contact BCT+ and open our minds to your vision of a social need to address.

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